Production Team

Producer/Director: Adam Reynolds created Nice Drives as a production company that focuses on high impact automotive reality webisodes and broadcast TV. Nice Drives created and produced a multi-part series that was picked up by Comcast and aired on CET, a Colorado regional station that includes the Denver Metro area. Adam has also created two, one hour long documentaries for PBS that played nationally. Adam is now shifting gears once again into reality TV production, introducing an exciting new series called Hot Rod Hunt.

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Synopsis: Hot Rod Hunt is a docu-style reality show created by Adam Reynolds, Rick Moore and Chris Quintiliani. The show follows two friends, and fellow classic car hunters, Rick and Chris. Rick is an outgoing, master auto restorer with a knack for hunting down hidden classics. His whimsical personality is the key to making deals with the interesting characters that they cross paths with. Chris is a walking encyclopedia of automotive history, who's knowledge baffles the minds of car guys everywhere. His passion to find rusty treasure is surpassed only by his ability to investigate the history behind each special automobile. Hot Rod Hunt, LLC, in association with Nice Drives and under the direction of Adam Reynolds, presents an exciting new reality series that rides along with Rick and Chris in their souped-up '55 Chevy as they peek behind the barn doors of rural America in search of lost automotive treasure, sometimes getting more than they bargained for. You never know what lies around the next turn on the Hot Rod Hunt.