Meet The Cast


The Scoutmaster: Rick Moore is the kingpin that keeps the Hot Rod Hunt troop together. Beginning at a young age, Rick’s passion for old cars grew from a fascination of mechanics and love of Detroit’s finest styling. His first restoration project, a 1967 Camaro, only fueled his desire to hunt and restore the rarest and most sought-after classics. With his wife Casey and two children by his side, he has built a professional auto restoration business that keeps him busy doing exactly what he loves. Everyday he is surrounded by a network of classic car lovers who help to turn up new leads to the next epic find. Being the “people person” of Hot Rod Hunt, Rick’s comical, outgoing personality aids him to break the ice with the quirky characters they cross paths with and draws out the story behind each special automobile. Because on the Hot Rod Hunt, “It’s about the story!”
The Historian: Chris Quintiliani is the walking encyclopedia of Hot Rod Hunt. A lifelong “car guy”, Chris grew up the son of an avid Chevy collector. Since his childhood days of toy Hot Wheels through adulthood and many restoration projects, cars have always been in his blood. As a teen, he traveled with his dad to all the big auto swap meets from coast to coast, scouring the aisles in search of rare parts and learning a plethora of automotive knowledge along the way. Trained as an auctioneer, he has built and operates a successful car dealership and loves making deals. But, even more, he lives for the thrill of the hunt and tracing the colorful histories of the rusty treasures they unearth on the Hot Rod Hunt. Because with every vintage car, “It’s about the story!”



The Godfather: Kenny Quintiliani is the “go-to” guy for advice and decisions on the Hot Rod Hunt. Kenny is Chris’ dad and the guy who taught his son everything he knows about cars. He is an old school machinist who grew up on the streets of Chicago learning things the hard way and wrenching on the very cars that are now considered classics today. One by one, he has amassed a Chevy collection to envy, and every one of them has a story he can tell. His life experience brings a touch of long-forgotten wisdom to the hunt, while his quick wit keeps everyone on their toes.
The Boss: Casey Moore is Rick’s wife and the business manager of Hot Rod Hunt. A Montana native, Casey is the daughter of an auto mechanic. She met Rick while attending college and now works along side him in their auto restoration business. Her passion is collecting antiques from early America, but has a special place in her heart for classic cars and the history behind each one. She loves getting behind the wheel of the ‘55 wagon every chance she gets. With her bubbly personality and keen business sense, she keeps the guys in check, the customers happy, and the budget under control on the Hot Rod Hunt.
The New Girl: Alina Waples is the newest addition to the Hot Rod Hunt team. Alina’s appreciation of vintage automobiles stems from her youth, spending countless hours in her uncle’s garage helping him repaint and refurbish a 1955 Chevy truck. A true Montana ranch woman, she loves spending time in the wide open spaces of Big Sky country with her family. Her organizational skills are a great help to Casey in the office and her knack for sleuthing out new leads and contacts is instrumental on the Hot Rod Hunt.
The Car: The ‘55 Chevy wagon was born in Janesville, Wisconsin in March of 1955 and lived a productive life in rural Montana hauling groceries to the ranch and kids to school. She was well used and retired out to pasture (literally) where she was rediscovered by Rick Moore. After getting a new Corvette engine transplant, as well as an upgraded chassis and new interior, Chevy chose not to have any cosmetic surgery and wears her original patina well. Now she draws attention wherever she goes and is an integral part of the Hot Rod Hunt.